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Unveiling SF SOMA’s Salesforce Transit Center

San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood has sprouted all kinds of new buildings in recent years and Friday, it will unveil its crown jewel, the Salesforce Transit Center.

“It’s the center that will take us into the future, and that’s what we would like to see,” said Mohammed Nuru, chair of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority. “And when you’re coming to San Francisco, you should be able to get to any center that you want to use that center.”

The new space already features a rooftop park, retail space and a bus deck launching passengers straight into the East Bay, however, no trains yet.

“Eventually, we hope that by 2028, 2030, that the trains will be functioning and this will be regional hub for the city and for transportation,” Nuru said.

The train will have a connection between the Caltrain Station at 4th and King and the new transit center, which has no funding or final route. It has a price tag of $4 to $6 billion.

“I think it makes sense to do it the best way. This is really important. And if it takes a couple more years, I think we’d be okay with that because it is that important,” said CEO of the Bay Area Council Jim Wunderman. “It’s a multi-billion dollar project to do it, but it will have a multi multi-billion dollar payoff, once we get it done.”

The renderings of the Transit Center will become a reality with a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday and a block party Saturday and Sunday as well as new bus routes on Sunday.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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