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Tarzana Neighborhood on Edge After Spotting Mountain Lion

A neighborhood in Tarzana is on edge after a mountain lion was caught on home security cameras walking along a sidewalk early Sunday morning.

Roaming quietly in the dark, the mountain lion was spotted just before 5 a.m. on Jeff Shulman’s security camera.

“It didn’t seem to have any fear that I could detect, it is clearly cruising around, looking for food or it’s next victim,” said Shulman.

The National Parks Service confirmed they are tracking this mountain lion, a young male named P-63, with a GPS collar.

They don’t believe it’s the same one that attacked two dogs, killing one in Simi Valley last week.

But Shulman is still worried and wants to alert his neighbors because he lost his dog to a coyote 10 years ago.

“The problem has just gotten worse and worse and there are no signs of improvement whatsoever and now adding mountain lions into the mix, that’s not a good feeling,” said Shulman.

And his neighbors, like Jim Esserman who has a small dog named Theo said he doesn’t let his pets off the leash.

“Anybody with small dogs, even larger dogs, I don’t think are a match for a mountain lion,” said Esserman.

Wildlife officials said people may feel that they’re seeing more mountain lions more often.

But they believe it’s really the increase in home security cameras and people now capturing the cats that may occasionally roam their neighborhoods.

Either way this community hopes they don’t spot anymore.

“They’re here they are roaming among us. And it’s a danger and we have to protect ourselves,” said Shulman.

The National Parks Service gets one alert during the day and several at night of the location of the mountain lions.

They said at last check this afternoon, the cat was back toward the open space in the Santa Monica Mountains.

But these neighbors hope he doesn’t get comfortable and come back to their community.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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