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Would you like to enhance your sales opportunities online?

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One way is to use “relevance” to promote your business. Relevance is how the Internet works, it’s the underlying support for all the algorithms at your favorite “discovery” sites like Facebook, Goolge, Bing and others. We offer geographic relevance and a user base that supports that geographic connection.

A website without context is just a website, you won’t get inflow traffic without both. If you’re not an expert in search, your website will sit there and deliver nothing back in business. Your return on investment (ROI) suffers. Most business just continue to pay to support the websites they create because they feel they need them. Trust us, if you’re doing this, you’re wasting money unless you take the next step and connect with relevant sites that lend context to your site. We an do that.

If you are in California and you sell a product or provide a service, let us help you promote your business while giving your community visibility into what your selling or the services you provide.

Ad Network for California
Our network of sites for the state of California include the following. You can extend your ad to any of the below for only $5 additional dollars per month.

Our offering

In-feed ads that live between posts on our website. These ads can include an image and descriptive text that describes your business. We’ll help you design it and release it. We’ll back up it’s performance, satisfaction guaranteed. ***
Right side ad example above the fold. This ad is image plus text and lives on the right column of the page.

This ad features both image and text with links to your site.
If you don’t know how to construct an ad, we will help you create a solid ad with imagery that attracts users. ***
We can give you a whole post/page of content dedicated to your business. This offer requires approval whereby the company is doing business and servicing California residents and is currently in good standing with the state. Advertisers must have a brick and mortar business and geo location/address. We cannot promote a PO Box.

*** We accept advertisers based on their relevance to our site and its content. This means we cannot accept or allow anyone and everyone to place ads. These rules are strictly based on relevance, context and geographic relevance. Denials of serivce are at the discretion of We won’t accept your ad business if we feel we cannot help you grow your business!