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Teen Caught in Crosshairs of Shooting in Inglewood

First-hand accounts and surveillance footage paint a picture of a reckless shootout in Inglewood that left a 13-year-old hurt Monday night. 

The Mayor of Inglewood, James Butts, said Tuesday police were close to making an arrest in the apparent shootout between gang rivals that erupted Monday  evening in the 3100 block of 112th Street. 

In security video, one moment small children were playing Monday at 5:30 p.m., and the next they leapt up in fear as a dozen shots rang out.

“I personally hear three before decided to run for safety,” Jennie Rodriguez, who lives on 112th Street, said. 

A witness told NBC4 she caught a glimpse of one gunman between parked vehicles before an errant shot wounded a 13-year-old boy in the back a block away.

Another witness said it appeared one of the shooters was taking cover between vehicles on 112th Street, with another a gunmen to the west.

The child had surgery, and is expected to recover, Mayor James Butts said.

“He was probably 10 houses to a block away,” Butts said. “He was definitely not the target.”

What prompted the shootout not yet clear, Butts said.

Police have a lead on at least one of the shooters. 

This incident came not long after another Inglewood shooting several miles away, gunfire from a car striking three young men, killing one.

Mayor Butts said there’s no apparent connection between the two.

Police were hoping to talk to the boy in the hospital along with his mother, but it’s not clear how much they saw.. They were walking away from the shootout when the boy was wounded.

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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