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Police Arrest Man Suspected of Killing Two Teenagers

The man police believe responsible for the “senseless killings” of two teenagers was arrested Friday morning. The two teenagers shot and killed were not involved in gangs but were nevertheless gunned down by a gang member.

Christian Macias, 19, is the suspected gunman fired who fired at the four teenagers on May 13, Mother’s Day, as they were walking from a party. Two were killed and two were wounded.

Family members of the victims joined LAPD detectives to announce the suspect’s arrest. Some were relieved but others said that since police are looking for more possible suspects, they feel the case is still unresolved.

“It’s not a good feeling because I know that they’re still out there hopefully this resonates to whoever is out there and can come forward and give information,” said Kevonte Watkins, a brother of one of the victims.

The teenagers who were killed were Monyae Jackson and Lamarrion Upchurch. Both were only fifteen years old.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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