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New Laws Affecting Many Californians to Take Effect July 1

July 1 will bring new changes for many Californians including new requirements for marijuana, higher wages and new rules for ride share drivers.

Minimum wage is going up in a few cities around the Bay Area and in Emeryville, that means big businesses will be requires to pay the highest minimum wage of all, $15.69 an hour.

“Smaller businesses will have it harder because they are small and they’re struggling, especially if they’re new,” said Oakland resident Jeff Westcott. “But bigger businesses are fat and find ways to keep it and I think they can afford to give it back to give an example.”

Smaller business in Emeryville will have to pay the same amount required for all businesses in San Francisco, while Milpitas and San Leandro will too get a wage hike.

A few fees will also be going up, like toll cost to cross the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. It will go up by 25 cents to $7 and the price to ride AC Transit will go up by a dime to $4.35.

For drive share drivers, a new rule will now hold them to a stricter blood alcohol level.

Those that drive for Uber or Lyft, the legal drinking limit is now .04, instead of .08, if passengers are aboard.

Marijuana rules will also change, many dispensaries saw long lines Saturday because outlets slashed prices down, to get rid of inventory that doesn’t meet the new standards.

“They just got legal, in the last week I guess. So they haven’t had the privilege of coming in and picking the things they want and so we’ll see how this goes and whatever discounted packages they get,” said Vacaville resident Todd Harris.

Recreational marijuana was legalized six months ago, but dispensaries were given a grace period to meet the new standards.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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