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Many Prep to Tie the Knot as ‘Lucky’ Wedding Day Approaches

If you’re getting married on Saturday, you’re doing it on a lucky day. At least that’s what it’s like for many cultures who believe the number eight brings good fortune.

Popular website The Knot, released a list of most popular dates to get married this year and Saturday, Aug. 18 is number one on the list.

“Some of my Chinese clients have shared with me eight is a very good number,” said wedding planner Amy McKinney. “It’s good fortune and then when you put a one in front of it, one has the meaning of ‘I want something so I want good fortune.’ It’s just a good number all around.”

McKinney works at 2 Friends Events and said she has clients getting married Saturday.

“It wasn’t so much the typical ‘I love this venue now let’s work out a date,’ it’s more so ‘I love this date now let’s find a venue,'” she said.

In San Mateo and Alameda County, county clerks offices are opening Saturday because so many couples wanted to marry on 8-18-18.

San Mateo typically performs about four wedding ceremonies a day but is scheduled to do at least 20 just Saturday.

“We’re actually doing about double the number of cakes that we typically do on a weekend,” said Cake Expressions CEO Cero Anthony. “Typically, it’s around 9 but this weekend, we have 18.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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