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Man Collapsed on Pavement As He Ran Away from Police in Santa Ana

A man who led police on a foot pursuit Thursday in Santa Ana collapsed on the pavement after jumping through a plate glass window.

The man, a 34-year-old parolee with outstanding drug warrants, was spotted by police when he began running.

A witness captured parts of the pursuit on cellphone video where police officers can be seen trying to render aid to the man. 

Police said they were chasing him just moments before he jumped through the window of Buccaneer Pizza on Grand Avenue.

“When he actually crashed, he did land inside,” said Bucanneer Pizza owner Eloise Mcarthur, “but then after he crashed he fled out to the front of the store.”

The man was seen sprinting past a Del Taco restaurant just seconds before he collapsed in the middle of the busy street.

“We thought he was stabbed by a civilian because of the blood,” said witness Patrick O’Donnell. “You could just see it everywhere.”

He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but he is now stable and expected to survive. 

Photo Credit: KNBC
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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