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Illegal Street Racing Kills Innocent Driver in Willowbrook

A 23-year-old woman was killed Saturday night when he car was struck by a hit-and-run driver who appeared to be street racing in Willowbrook, according to investigators. 

The coroner’s office identified the victim as Bethany Holguin, of Compton.

Surveillance video at about 10:20 p.m. from Saturday night shows two vehicles blowing through a stop sign moments before the deadly impact with Holguin’s car. A passenger in her car was injured. 

At least two people in the Infiniti SUV that crashed into the victim’s car got into another vehicle —  also believed to be involved in the illegal street race — and left the scene, police said. Authorities are searching for the hit-and-run illegal street racers and are asking anyone who has details on the incident to come forward.

“I tried to help,” Fabiola Rodriquez, a neighbor, said.

Rodriguez was celebrating Mother’s Day Saturday night with her family when they heard the crash. The crash was so loud that many neighbors ran outside to help. They say the suspected hit-and-run driver was westbound on 131st Street when the SUV struck and mangled a Toyota Camry on Towne Avenue.

Surveillance video captured the deadly moment of impact.

“The car was a total wreck, and I couldn’t do anything to help her,” Rodriguez said. “She was still alive and asking for help. But we couldn’t do anything because the car was in really, really bad condition.”

Randy Jackson, another neighbor, said, “The side impact was so severe, nobody could get her out. We couldn’t get her out.”

That woman died soon after, and her passenger was hospitalized. Details about the passenger’s condition were not immediately available. 

“All I was able to see was when they pulled the guy out and into the street and laid him out and fixed him up, and that’s when they put him on the gurney and took off with him to the hospital,” Anna Ramirez, witness said.

The California Highway Patrol says the hit-and-run driver’s vehicle is an Infiniti SUV, which was left behind at the scene of the crash. The driver, along with and possibly one other person, got out of the SUV and left the scene in another vehicle.

“It’s horrible, especially for the family of that young lady,” Rodriguez said. “Instead of them celebrating, they’re in pain.”

Photo Credit: NBC4
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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