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Grandmother of Three Dies in Fiery Semitrailer Crash on 60 Freeway

A grandmother of three died in a fiery crash involving a suspected DUI driver early Saturday morning on the 60 Freeway in Ontario.

Veronica Gonzalez, 45, was in a semitrailer with her husband, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the fatal collision with a suspected DUI driver behind the wheel of a Mazda.

Oscar Montano, 45, escaped the wreck with burns on his body and glass shards in his arms. He remained in the hospital Sunday night, but details regarding his condition were not immediately available.

“It’s a miracle that my dad survived, after seeing pictures,” Oscar Montano Jr. emotionally told NBC4 outside the hospital. “We don’t know how he got out of there.”

According to the family, what is hurting Montano the most while he’s in the hospital is not the physical pain from his injuries, but the emotional hurt of losing the love of his life, his wife. Gonzalez was trapped in the flames and perished when the semitrailer was consumed in an inferno.

While the crash is still under investigation by the CHP, 23-year-old Elvis Hernendez Tellez, of Ontario, was arrested on suspicion of DUI shortly after being treated for injuries at the hospital, according to the CHP.

Photo Credit: KNBC
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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