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Fontana Animal Services Rescues 42 Dogs From Home

When an anonymous caller reported 42 dogs inside a Fontana home, instead of arresting the owner, the Fontana Animal Services Team leaped to the rescue, doing what was best for both animals and owner.

When the animal services team arrived at the home, they found dozens of small breed dogs, the result of a breeding program that got out of hand.

“For the most part they looked good,” Fontana Animal Services Team member Jamie Simmons said of the dogs, though some did have overgrown nails and some matted fur.

Instead of taking legal action, the team wanted to help.

“When you have that many dogs, you’re going to have conditions in the home that probably aren’t conducive to a healthy environment for [the owner] or the dogs,” Simmons said.

The woman will actually be allowed to keep three dogs, all now spayed and neutered. “She was crying, she was very thankful,” Simmons said.

Riverside Animal Services stepped in to help and take in the rest of the dogs, 17 of which have already been adopted.

Many of the remaining pups are fearful and will need extra care, but all are adoptable.

“I put hands on every single dog and I can tell you they’re all loving,” Simmons said. “We’re hopeful that the remaining 23 dogs will find loving homes.”

Photo Credit: Dennis Lahti
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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