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Burbank Police Warning of Rash of Smash-and-Grab Burglaries

Your car doors could be locked, the windows could be rolled up, but your personal items left behind in your car could be stolen, police are warning. 

Smash and grab thefts have been on the rise with over 24 thefts in a little more than two weeks, according to the Burbank Police Department.  

Theives are on the lookout for valuables — laptops, phones, purses and even credit cards — left in plain sight in locked cars. Once spotted, they smash through the window using a metal tool to “spider-web” the glass and then punch through it to grab your stuff. 

“These ‘scouts’ walk the parking lots,” Sgt. Derek Green said. “They’re looking for people to leave expensive items out in plain view.” 

It takes a matter of seconds for a team of two or more theives and one scout to take your items, police said. 

Burbank police also warn that Starbucks parking lots have been hit particulary hard, with several incidents throughout the city. 

Police are also investigating thefts at some of Burbank’s diners, such as Tallyrand on Olive Avenue.

In wake of the recent rash of burglaries, police are leaving warning notes on some windshields when they see valuables left out in the open.

Police advise people to always hide items under the seat or in the trunk. 

Photo Credit: KNBC-TV
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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