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Bear Takes a Dip in a Monrovia Backyard Pond

One bear was spotted playing and enjoying the summer weather in a Monrovia backyard Thursday afternoon.

Janet Eaton looked in her backyard and found a bear having a fun time.

Eaton said the bear was drinking water and rolling around in her pond. She said it then got out of the pond and went to the sand trap where it was kicking and playing with the golf balls.

She walked around her house and found paw prints on the doors and windows. She was afraid the bear was going to crash through them.

After the bear finished playing with house slippers and went back to play in the pond, she decided to call the police.

Eaton said the bear usually comes and goes within five minutes but this time it was there for approximately 30 minutes.

The bear left before the police came to her home but she captured video of the event.

Photo Credit: Janet Eaton
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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