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Attacker Beats Up 65-Year-Old Man and Steals His Bike at Buena Park Bus Stop

A man was captured on camera violently beating a 65-year-old man and stealing his bike at a Buena Park bus stop Thursday.

Thousands of people have seen the video posted on the Buena Park Police Department Facebook page and reacted to the beating. One post read, “How horrible! I can’t believe NO ONE stopped to help!”

Security cameras on Orange County Transportation Authority buses also captured an image of the attacker who, after the beating, returned to the bus stop on Beach Boulevard and Orangethorpe Avenue to steal the victim’s bicycle.

The 65-year-old victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

“He’s still unconscious, so we can’t get a statement from him” said Sgt. Mike Lovchik from Buena Park Police Department.

The video shows the attacker repeatedly stomping on the victim’s head.

“The assault on the victim was completely unwarranted,” Sgt. Lovchik said. “There was no justifying the beating this poor gentleman got.”

Photo Credit: OCTA
Source: NBC Los Angeles

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