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Your Ballot Will Be Safe and Counted: Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters wants to let people know that their Primary Election ballots are safe. 

There are about 99 drop-off boxes around the county and those who get and count the ballots assure that votes are secure.

“California has very strict rules on their voting equipment,” said Evelyn Mendez of the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters Office.

The security of your vote is job one, whether you walk it in yourself, or put it in the mail. 

Signatures are checked, ballots are flattened, and then they’re sent to the counting room.

“All of our equipment is certified, all of our ballots are getting processed, you saw how there’s always two people with every ballot no matter what, that happens in every corner,” said Mendez.

Voters said security wasn’t a concern.

“As far as security, I have no concern, it’s organized, with a lot of people working in the area,” said Tommy Lau of San Jose.

All to give voters peace of mind.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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