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Woman Intentionally Coughs on Bartender in Belmont Bar

Police are investigating another case of someone intentionally coughing on another person’s face in the age of COVID-19. This time at James Gate Restaurant and Pub in Belmont.  

The incident occurred last Friday and the general manager wasn’t sure if they wanted to go public, but then decided in the past couple of days that the public should know about it. 

Witnesses say a woman was upset about repeatedly being asked to wear her face covering on to stop interacting with strangers.

One of the bartenders was coughed on the first night the bar opened. Another bartender witnessed the incident and said the woman kept hugging people, one man in particular, after several times of being told to stop, she became upset. 

“With her mask down she leaned over and coughed on him, and it was an audible/obvious cough – and before I even had  to tell her to leave – she was on her way out showing her middle fingers,” said bartender Misha Marotta. 

Mattotta and the business’ general manager said this was an isolated incident. Most customers have been very receptive to the COVID-19 rules.

The restaurant is going public hoping someone will recognize the woman. 

They want to make sure she does not come in the Saint James Gate again and they wanted other Bay Area businesses to know who she is too so they could make their own decisions about serving her.

Belmont police were going to meet with the bartender Monday. The general manager said it will be up to him whether he wants to pursue charges against the woman.    

Source: NBC Bay Area

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