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Woman accused of stealing CHP cruiser connected to another car theft in Vallejo

A North Bay neighborhood is on edge following a car theft and a robbery on their block while the homeowners were sound asleep.

“Very shocking it’s almost kind of scary and surreal,” said Maria Cleburg-Dickstein.

That’s how Maria Cleburg-Dickstein and her husband Benjamin Dickstein describe the ordeal after their Vallejo home on University Avenue was robbed Tuesday morning with the suspects stealing TVs, thousands of dollars worth of tools, and both of their cars.

“It was kind of crazy to wake up to that,” said Dickstein. “It was really unexpected. I instantly started feeling violated.”

Police have since recovered both vehicles, and say one of the suspects connected to the stolen cars is a familiar face in the neighborhood.

“Did she come back to target anybody on the street because she left the car here? Does she know anybody on the street?” said Cleburg-Dickstein.

The suspect is 27-year-old Vanessa Guerrero of Vallejo, who was seen on Jan. 26 parking a stolen CHP car in front of a Vallejo home, and jogging off.

The CHP says Guerrero managed to get into the driver’s seat of the patrol car after she was taken into custody in connection to another stolen car.

Guerrero was arrested days later but after being released, Vallejo police confirms she is connected to the stolen cars in this latest home invasion incident.

The stolen car connected to Guerrero was found in San Francisco and she is currently booked at the San Francisco County Jail.

It’s unclear when she’ll be released, which is making residents like Cleburg-Dickstein feel a bit uneasy.

“It makes us kind of edgy, especially all of the neighbors. Thank goodness we have a tight group of neighbors here that are willing to step up and help each other,” said Cleburg-Dickstein

Source: NBC Bay Area

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