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Wildfire in SoCal Sparks Worries of Early Fire Season in the Bay Area

Firefighters in Southern California area working to get a handle on a 200 acre fire that has destroyed a total of 20 homes so far.

The fire is sparking concern in the Bay Area where firefighters say conditions are just as dangerous for a similar fire to ignite.

Despite it being mid-May, firefighters have been busy across the region battling flames like the ones that broke out along the waterfront near Martinez Thursday.

“I think everybody’s nervous because you don’t know if one day it’s going to be your house, or your neighbors or your family’s,” said Antioch resident Alan Espinosa.

Him and his family had a scary brush with a fire over the weekend after an alleged arsonist set six grass fires near their home. They quickly started a bucket brigade to try to put it out.

Fire season has gotten underway a full month early across the Bay Area and the entire state. In Southern California, the coastal fire has charred 200 acres and hundreds remain evacuated.

“That is an example of what we’re experiencing in California this year,” said Contra Costa County Fire Fire Marshall Chris Bachman. “Our fuel conditions are very dry right now, and all it takes is a really windy day.”

He said crews have had their hands full with fires already. The arson fires at Antioch’s Hillcrest Park put an entire neighborhood at risk, and a grass fire near Martinez even prompted a fire boat activation.

“We’re experiencing now in May what we normally deal with in June or July,” he said.

Residents in Antioch are gearing up to protect their homes should a fire break out again.

“I got a power washer too and fire extinguishers because you just never know,” said Victor Ortega.

Bay Area crews are fully staffed and ready for a long and difficult fire season.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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