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Wild Pigs Ransack San Jose Lawns, Garbage Cans

Wild pigs appear to be visiting another neighborhood in the Bay Area, this time in San Jose.

The animals have been seen destroying lawns and ransacking garbage cans, and some neighbors are concerned about the damages.

Video sows nearly 30 wild pigs crossing a street and heading toward a home in San Jose.

“It’s just so much damage, you can’t repair something like this,” said neighbor Carol Duran.

She said the pigs have rototilled her lawn before, but this is the most damage she’s ever seen.

“This is a lot of mess that homeowners have to take care of and it’s not cheap to fix.”

Wildlife experts said the pigs often head down from the hills into neighborhoods in search of grubs, which thrive in moist soil.

Michael Coquilla found the evidence in his front yard.

“My lawn is upside down. It happens often,” he told NBC Bay Area. He said the wild pigs have pigged out on his lawn about a dozen times since 2005.

“It’s funny to me, really, because we moved into their neighborhood,” he said. “They were here before us.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said this is one of the risks of living on the so-called urban edge next to Open Space.

Possible solutions to the problem include artificial turf, fencing and hazing without harming, such as making loud noises.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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