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Why does San Jose water look cloudy and taste different?

What’s going on with the water?

That’s the question being asked by residents in parts of San Jose after their water started to look and taste different.

For nearly two weeks residents in the Santa Teresa and Cambrian areas have seen their water get cloudy with a metallic taste.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District said the reason for the change in water is due to maintenance at the Santa Teresa water treatment plant.

“We’re also doing some infrastructure work with our pipelines that deliver the water to our retailers,” said Matt Keller with the water district. “That means there may be a source change of water for some of our retailers.”

Source change, which for those who get their water from San Jose Water, means locally sourced groundwater.

San Jose Water insists the water is perfectly safe, but admit it will look cloudy at first, with a different taste.

The change is expected to last about six months.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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