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Why Does Downtown Pleasanton Have a Fly Problem?

Pleasanton is buzzing about a problem nearly everyone is complaining about — flies.

Businesses said there are so many flies, customers are now avoiding the downtown corridor. The heat wave baking the region and state also is not helping.

“I’ve just noticed business being so much slower,” Pleasanton resident Sahana Kumar said. “I mean right now there are flies all over me.”

Residents said it is unusually bad and the heat only seems to make it worse.

Businesses are now going to great lengths to shoo the flies away. One business has resorted to bleaching the sidewalk to deter flies.

Some downtown workers said they have seen a difference. Outdoor seating has dropped off as people opt to dine indoors in hopes of fewer unwanted guests.

“I went with my friends for brunch one day and we just said we’re not going to come downtown to eat until this problem goes away,” Kumar said.

Inklings Coffee and Tea has purchased fly-catching devices and even a carnivorous plant to eat them up.

“We’re willing to try anything,” Inklings Coffee and Tea manager Natalie Pearce said. “And it has definitely helped, but it’s everywhere downtown right now.”

So what can be done?

No one seems to know the cause, but a few theories are swirling.

Most have hired exterminators, and some reports conditions are improving.

The City of Pleasanton denied NBC Bay Area’s request for an interview, but said in a statement:

“The City takes steps to address pests in general, and staff is currently working with Alameda County Vector Control to understand the additional contributing factors this year and, if so, how this can be addressed.”

Meanwhile, residents hope a solution is found soon.

“I really hope this problem can be solved,” Kumar said. “It’s a very difficult problem to solve if you don’t know why the problem is happening.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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