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Water Spills Over Banks of San Francisquito Creek, Causing Major Headaches

Flooding caused major headaches and stranded drivers on the Peninsula Saturday. 

Water spilled over the banks of the San Francisquito Creek, flooding streets and heading towards homes in East Palo Alto. 

Jon Rodriguez lives across the street from the creel and was on alert after water headed straight toward his home.

“It overflowed right over here and went into the driveway and the garage, the water flowed around our house,” said Rodriguez.

He ended up putting up a second line of defense — another layer of sandbags.

Neighbors said their big concern was that  branches and logs would get trapped under bridges, creating a dam and sending water back toward their homes. Which is why crews used a backhoe, racing against the clock to remove debris.

At an apartment complex on Manhattan Avenue, the water filled this underground parking garage, covering the tires of most vehicles and forcing people to cancel New Year’s Eve plans and worry about missing work.

“Our family car is in there and it’s kind of old and my mom is worried that they’ll be damage to the engine,” said Josh Cabrera of East Palo Alto. 

In Belmont, stranded drivers had to be rescued from under a flooded underpass at Harbor Boulevard. Everyone got out OK though crews had to tow the car out of the water.

In Palo Alto, there was block after block of flooded streets near Pardee Park.

A windy and wet end of the year, filled with danger and surprises and starting 2023 with a big clean up job.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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