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Want to Live on a Private Island in the Bay? Richmond Lighthouse Looks for Keepers

On the surface, it may sound like a dream job.

A charming bed and breakfast on a private island in the Bay is now looking for a pair of people to run the operation. The pair will have room and board, access to a boat, and split a six figure salary.

But, like most things, it’s a little more complicated than it sounds.

The East Brother Lighthouse in Richmond provides some breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. 

For some locals, the idea of getting paid to work there sounds too good to be true.

“The serenity,” said Paul Wendlandt of Richmond. “You get your own peace and quiet.”

The lighthouse is currently looking for two in-keepers to replace the couple leaving in March.

They would live rent-free on the property but the duties include handling boat transportation, tours,maintenance,  housekeeping and cooking dinner and breakfast for guests.

Inn keepers typically split an annual salary of $140,000.

“I used to be a student ambassador so I would give new kids tours,” said Beverly Cobbs or Richmond.

“I would not want to be doing the cooking,” said Howard Womack of Richmond. “The rest of it would be fun.”

Lighthouse board president and outgoing Richmond Mayor Tom Butt says before applying, you need a bit more than a winning personality. 

You also need proof of a U.S. Coast Guard license.

“If you carry passengers for hire in a boat you have to have that license,” said Butt. “Since people are paying to go out there, the coast guard considers us carrying them for hire.”

And according to Butt, it can be an intense job, but also a great way to save money.

“It’s a good opportunity for them to work a couple of years and save enough money to buy a house, maybe not in San Francisco,” said Butt.

He added that there’s no deadline for applications, and that interviews could start as early as next month. The goal is to have the new in-keepers move into the lighthouse by April of next year.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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