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Voters raise concerns in new San Francisco Chamber of Commerce poll

A new opinion poll sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is a mixed bag for Mayor London Breed as she seeks reelection.

The new poll results were released during the Chamber of Commerce’s city beat breakfast in San Francisco Wednesday.

In Breed’s keynote address she said the city is rebounding, despite the negative headlines plaguing the city lately.

“Now, we are on the path to somewhere. Crime is dropping. Our population is growing. New ideas are being born,” she said.

The drop in crime she referred to comes from new data released by the San Francisco Police Department last month, showing crime dropped overall 7% last year.

But the Chamber of Commerce’s annual city beat survey took the pulse of 500 likely voters. Unfortunately, for Breed, 72% said the city is headed on the wrong track.

But looking at polling data over the last few years, Rodney Fong with the Chamber of Commerce said that fewer people surveyed shared that point of view this year.

“Traditionally, the sentiment is that San Francisco is not going in the right direction. However, this year we’re starting to see people are optimistic about San Francisco,” he said.

At the event, the Chamber of Commerce also released recent polling about what voters feel about several local issues affecting the city. That includes questions about three measures Breed put on the ballot.

53% support Proposition C, which would make it easier to convert office space to other uses.

While 61% support Prop E, which would loosen restrictions on police pursuits and allow access to surveillance cameras and drones. And 61 % like Prop F, which would require drug screening for people accepting cash assistance from the city.

“This is a really pivotal moment for the city and I think voters feel that as well. They want a clean city. They want a city where businesses can thrive,” Fong said.

There’s organized opposition against two of those measures.

The ACLU has come out against Prop E, saying it rolls back hard fought gains on police reforms.

Housing advocates warn Prop F could affect people’s ability to keep subsidized housing if they lose cash assistance after a positive drug test or refuse treatment.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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