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Vomiting at brunch will cost you at some Bay Area restaurants, report says

A good brunch is marked by not just its food, but also by the drinks accompanying it — such as the ever popular mimosa. And, at certain Bay Area brunch spots, people can order an indulgent variant: bottomless mimosas. 

But this menu item has also caused problems for many of these same restaurants, they say. Some diners, especially since the pandemic, have been drinking too much and vomiting in bathrooms or tables. 

It’s become enough of a problem that some brunch spots are starting to implement restrictions or even fees for puking, according to SFGATE

In Oakland, for example, SFGATE reports restaurant Kitchen Story has a sign posted in its bathroom reading: “Dear all mimosa lovers, Please drink responsibly and know your limits. A $50 cleaning fees will automatically include in your tap when you throw up in our public areas. Thank you so much for your understanding.” 

The co-owner of Kitchen Story, Chaiporn Kitsadaviseksak, told SFGATE that the sign seems to be working. Vomiting was a big problem before, but now he can’t recall actually having to charge anyone the fee

Kitchen Story isn’t the only restaurant to implement a fee, but charging extra is only one method restaurants have adopted to curb intoxicated vomiting. 

Another change, which Kitchen Story has also implemented, is enforcing timed seating to limit how much people drink as well as to help staff turn tables. And some restaurants have replaced the typical carafe of mimosa with a staff member who refills diners’ glasses individually. 

Something else that has helped curb people overdoing it, according to SFGATE, is mandatory Responsible Beverage Service training for workers who serve alcohol. That means servers are better prepared to watch customer behavior and make sure people aren’t overserved.

Visit SFGATE for more on this story.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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