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Video Shows Dog Walker Hit by Truck During Sideshow in Oakland

Video obtained by NBC Bay Area shows the moment an illegal stunt show turned into a hit-and-run in east Oakland.

Cellphone footage showed a truck doing donuts in the middle of the intersection of 104th and International Boulevard at around noon Tuesday.

That’s when a man was seen walking a dog step in and tries to stop the driver. The truck circles around again, hitting the man and throwing him into the air and across the street. Witnesses said the driver then sped off.

“He doesn’t care. The driver, he don’t care,” one witness said.

According to a witness, the sideshow actually started four hours earlier and involved at least two other cars. Those who work nearby did not want to be identified but explained sideshows are an almost daily occurrence.

“These things happen all the time, every day. The police come and the leave and they do it again,” a witness said.

Oakland councilmember Treva Reid represents the district and explains the dangerous driving is consistent with numbers that show east Oakland and International Boulevard are disproportionately impacted by traffic injuries, including those involving pedestrians.

“This area is within our high injury network, what we do know is 6% of Oakland streets account for over 60% of severe and fatal crashes. Incidents that causing injury and bodily harm to people, we are working to prioritize safety investments in east Oakland,” she said.

Luckily, witnesses said the man hit Tuesday, got up and walked away. Oakland police are investigating but said they do not know the extent of the man’s injuries.

A shocking sideshow, increasing calls from community and councilmembers for safer streets.

“We want to have safe paths for our customers and residents who are out there supporting our merchants to keep that part of our corridor alive and thriving,” Reid said.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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