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Vallejo residents and business owners say they're fed up with break-ins

Vallejo business owners say they’re feeling fed up with break-ins across the city. 

Those break-ins include one at a 7/11 store early Saturday morning, where surveillance video shows burglars using a car to ram through the front doors. Those burglars then stole at least $10,000 worth of tobacco products along with the cash register. 

“It’s a shame, but people don’t care,” said Honey McDowell, a customer there Tuesday. “People don’t care no more. They just do stupid things.”

The store’s owner told NBC Bay Area this was just the latest hit and that break-ins have made doing business in the city incredibly tough. 

Other Vallejo residents agree that it’s out of control. 

“It’s terrible, what’s happening to the city right now,” said Omari Hudson. “And I don’t like it —  it’s just awful.”

Business owner Jasmine Garibay also got a rude awakening when burglars broke in Tuesday morning — just days after she opened her snack and ice cream store on Saturday. 

“It’s hard,” Garibay said. “There’s nothing you can do about it, just gotta keep going.” 

Vallejo police told NBC Bay Area that their lack of staffing doesn’t allow them to saturate areas as they would like to . 

Police also said they were trying to offer safety tips to business owners as they work to recruit more officers. 

Residents believe that criminals think of Vallejo as an easy target. 

“It’s crazy. Everybody thinks that they can can do whatever they want to do … So they doing what they think they can do and get away with. And they need to be stopped,” McDowell said.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Hudson said. “It’s just everywhere right now, people getting robbed, houses — in front of their houses, businesses getting broken into. It’s not what the city should be. I don’t understand it.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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