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Two Escape Bear Break-in at Sierra Madre Home

It kind of sounds like a Goldilocks story, except a little more frightening.

Beneath the Sierra Madre foothills, just north of Grandview Avenue, two people escaped a bear break-in.

Bridget Alvarez is 17 years old and her sister is 23.

The two of them were inside the house, minding their own business, when they heard a thump at the bedroom door.

Bridget opened it, thinking it was her mom, and two baby bears walked in.

The two young women ran to Bridget’s sister’s room, but the door doesn’t close all the way.

They called police.

While officers tried to figure out how to remedy the situation, they realized that the cubs’ mother was inside the house as well.

“My sister was [scared], because her door doesn’t really lock,” Bridget said.

“They came out themselves. The broke a window and went out.”

At that point, police left the scene.

Wildlife experts say interacting with baby bears while a mother bear is nearby is extremely dangerous, so it’s a good thing the two sought cover behind closed doors.

But, as Bridget and other members of her family said, it happens a lot in the Sierra Madre foothills.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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