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Travelers head to Bodega Bay amid stormy weather

People across the North Bay have been preparing for high winds and rain days before Sunday, but it didn’t stop them from heading to Bodega Bay to take in another powerful part of the storm. 

Wave after wave came barreling into the bay starting Sunday morning. 

Visitors who came out to the area for the long holiday weekend got out early to get a look at the powerful displays. 

“We knew there were big storms coming. And the rain last night was really rough,” said Reno-resident Bruce Dixon. “The roads were kinda covered in water, and the wind was incredible.”

Winds helped topple one tree in Santa Rosa Saturday night, which knocked out power to customers in the downtown area. 

There was also flooding in Fairfax and other places around the North Bay, turning some roads into rivers. 

Valley Ford Road — between Petaluma and Bodega Bay — closed when it flooded Saturday, and remained closed Sunday. 

But that didn’t stop drivers from crossing the flood waters, while a tow truck driver watched and waited for a new customer in need. 

For hearty Bay Area residents who have been through pounding storms in the past, it was just more of the same. Many of them embraced the beauty of nature’s power at the same time. 

“I could stand here and watch it all day,” said San Francisco resident Vinip Goel. “Especially the way they crash on the rocks. It’s beautiful.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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