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Traffic signal installed at notorious Riverside intersection where crash killed 8-year-old

A traffic signal has been installed at a Riverside intersection five months after a tragic crash on the stretch of road with a sweeping downhill curve killed an 8-year-old boy.

The horrific May 16 crash on Arlington Avenue was captured on security camera video. A car traveling west on Arlington Avenue rounded the curve and slammed head-on into a car carrying 8-year-old Obed Barbosa Carbajal and three young siblings.

Obed was killed. His siblings were hospitalized with critical injuries.

Video from the scene showed debris scattered in the street, including an engine block that was thrown from one of the cars.

Witness Isabel Cisneros said the scene was something she will never forget. Security camera video at her mother’s home captured video of the May collision.

“Just hearing the noise and seeing pieces of vehicles all over the road,” Cisneros said. “I no longer live there, but I can’t even go to her house because there is just emotion every time I step foot or get near the home.”

Another crash captured on her mother’s camera showed a truck slam into the bedroom of a nearby home. Another crash showed a driver knock down a telephone pole.

Neighbors have told NBCLA that the area has been dangerous and been a source of accidents for years, due to cars going too fast. The collision that killed Obed, which authorities said was due to high speed, led to more calls for safety improvements at the intersection.

“You can tell that driver was going way too fast down that road,” Officer Ryan Railsback said.

About five months later, a traffic signal was installed at Arlington and Stover avenues. The city also installed radar speed signs to remind drivers how fast they’re traveling.

“I think that’s helping a lot and will help a lot,” Cisneros said.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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