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Toddler Dies Days After Hit-And-Run in South LA

Just days after a teenager died as a result of a hit and run crash in South LA, it was announced that a toddler died as well.

The crash occurred on Jan. 9 where a 35-year-old woman, two teenagers and a child were injured.

The mother was in the front seat with her 16-year-old daughter.

Police say a speeding car struck the family’s SUV, trapping them inside.

The woman’s two sons, ages 13 and 18 months, were both gravely injured in the crash. Both have now died.

The mother, Debbi Amaya, held a vigil for her two children Monday night.

“A mom should never bury her children,” Amaya said. “And it hurts me so bad that I didn’t lose just one, I lost two of my sons.”

No arrest has been made so far in the crash.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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