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This Veterans Day, 99-Year-Old Air Force Veteran Will Salute Flag Flying Proudly Outside His Home

As we get ready to honor our military heroes Thursday on Veterans Day, you may want to ask yourself, “What does the American flag mean to you?”

According to a 99-year-old Air Force veteran, it means everything.

So when he wanted to fly it outside his Riverside home, firefighters quickly came to the rescue.

“I look at our flag and I see those who served. I see a country that has reached out to serve,” said Colonel Vincent Scarano.

He gave 31 years of life to the Air Force, serving in World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam.

“We live in a great country,” he said.

He truly loves the American flag.

“It means practically my soul, my life, this thing I’ve lived for,” he said.

“So while he expresses his thanks here for this flag, the thanks is all ours,” said Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson.

Riverside is celebrating the new flag pole outside the home Scarano has lived in since 1973. It’s a flag pole that was installed by other heroes.

Dominic Luna and fellow Riverside firefighters installed the flag pole during their lunch hours.

“I have a new appreciation for the flag that i didn’t have before,” Luna said.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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