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Thieves use stolen government car to break into Bellflower sneaker shop

Surveillance footage from a Bellflower shoe store shows the moment a burglary group used a stolen government vehicle to crash into the retailer and take off with stolen merchandise.

Hype Kingdom, a Lakewood Boulevard-based sneaker store, was left littered with broken glass after thieves crashed into the location to break in. The burglary took place around 4:45 a.m. Sunday. About 15 people rushed into the store after the car purposely crashed into it.

“I mean, I guess if somebody wants something really bad, they’re going to get it,” said DJ, the owner of Hype Kingdom.

The group of thieves took off with more than 500 items, according to the owner’s sister. DJ said he’s taken measures to increase security in his store, including multiple locks on the door and the installation of a security. Neither was a match for the car, unfortunately.

“I put blood, sweat, tears in this,” DJ said. “A lot of hard work, long nights, just for them to kind of sabotage and damage my business is lame.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said it is investigating the case. A detailed description of the individuals involved in the burglary was not immediately available.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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