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Thief yanks ATM machine from Orange County barbershop

Orange County authorities are looking for a man broke into a barbershop and stole a bolted-down ATM by using his pickup truck Monday.

Officers with the Orange Police Department received a call about the incident at around 3.44 a.m. at Golden Touch Barbershop on Tustin Avenue.

When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that the burglar left behind a trail of damage with smashed windows, shattered glass and others.

“It was a white Ram that broke into the shop,” Ulizez Suarez, the barbershop owner, described what he saw on the surveillance videos. “They wrapped a rope around the ATM machine. They successfully yanked it out. It was bolted to the ground.”

Security camera video footage shows the man, wearing a black and orange-colored hoodie and black face mask, tried several times to detach the ATM machine from inside the store.

Suarez suspected that the burglar specifically targeted his business.

“I actually contacted the ATM company, and they told me there’s a similar situation going with a similar truck, a white truck.”

Suarez estimated the cost of the damage to be more than $10,000, including $5,000 in cash that was inside the ATM.

The barbershop was set to temporarily close as workers try to “patch up” the damaged business.

“We’re going to have to cancel our appointments to get everything straightened out and make sure there’s no broken glass or debris on the chair,” Suarez added.

The local business is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who can help catch the burglar.

Police said the plates belonging to the white truck came back as stolen.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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