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The city making a comeback? Major events coming to San Francisco

San Francisco, hit hard for an entire year by bad economic news, is starting to roll again thanks to big conventions, sporting events, and hot startups all coming to the city.

“So all you shoppers out there, especially you visitors to San Francisco, I want you to make it rain!” said Mayor London Breed.

It’s raining money, big events, and startups in the city.

It’s starting with Dreamforce coming back next year, after Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff backed off threats to move, instead deciding to stay.

“Well, my reaction to Dreamforce coming back is, where else will they go?” said Breed. “This is their home, from the very beginning Dreamforce was in San Francisco. So I wouldn’t let Marc get a night’s rest without committing to San Francisco.”

Also committing is the NBA All-Star Game in 2025, along with the Super Bowl and World Cup soccer coming to the Bay in 2026.

After a year of bad press, store closings, and homeless concerns that still exist, the Bay Area Host Committee calls ir the groundwork for feeling good about the city.

“Allow people who live here to feel like they should be proud of what is happening in their city,” said Zileen Janmohamed, CEO of the Bay Area Host Committee.

And attracting new business.

“It’s already connected to my calendar,” said Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO.

The San Francisco-based company rolled out updates to its ChatGPT product Monday, making it one of the world’s most valuable tech startups.

“Eventually, you’ll just ask the computer what you need, and it will do all the tasks for you,” said Altman.

The city’s economic breakdown is pretty impressive.

Last year, Dreamforce brought some $90 million into San Francisco’s coffers, the mayor says the All-Star game is expected to bring about $350 million to the city. And the last time the Super Bowl came to the Bay Area, that added close to $240 million.

Also, APEC next week alone is expected to bring about $53 million to the city’s bottom line.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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