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Terror groups may be targeting Pride events, FBI warns

Foreign terrorist organizations may target Pride celebrations and LGBTQIA+ events this year, federal authorities warned Monday.

The FBI said foreign terror organizations, particularly ISIS, appear to be ratcheting up their anti-gay rhetoric as Pride season kicked off in Southern California.

The city of Long Beach is hosting its annual Pride festivities this weekend as the LGBTQIA+ community is reminded of the Pulse club shooting that happened eight years ago in June. The terror attack, which killed 49 people inside the Orlando gay club, was praised by ISIS.

While one LGBTQIA+ organization said there are no specific threats against Southern California festivities, the community was urged to stay vigilant. 

“We work very closely with law enforcement agencies,” Terra Russell-Slavin, the chief impact officer of the LA LGBT Center, said. “We work very closely with law enforcement agencies.”

The FBI said threats may be shared online, in person or in the mail. 

“Why are they targeting the LGBTQ community? Haven’t we gone through enough?” said Lee Charley, who is planning to attend Long Beach Pride. “We need to watch out for each other.”

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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