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Teachers Ratify Tentative Agreement With West Contra Costa Unified School District

A year of tense negotiations and between educators and staff in the West Contra Costa Unified School District are now over.

Almost 73% of the teachers and staff members voted in favor of the new contract. It gives them 14.5% pay increases in the first five months and then 7% raises after that and a 7% lump sum retroactive through July 2022.

Francisco Ortiz, the union’s vice president said the pay was a big incentive to get the deal done.

“I think this was a real positive step in securing more educators to be attracted to our district and to retain the educators that we currently have, so that we don’t lose them to neighboring districts,” Ortiz said.

The deal also allows educators to take a mental health day and recognizes the burnout so many teachers are experiencing.

The agreement also ends a possible strike by district teachers and other employees who threatened a walkout after a 97% vote in favor of a strike.

In a statement, a district spokesperson said the agreement will hopefully allow the district, educators and the community to move forward in a quote “strong partnership” and it will strengthen the education provided to students.

Thom Jensen has the full story in the video above.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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