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Suspect in San Jose Home Depot fire still has not entered plea in case

It’s been two years since one of the biggest fires in San Jose history.

The Home Depot fire off Blossom Hill Road devastated the area. But Dyllin Gogue, the man accused of deliberately setting the fire has not even entered a plea in the case.

Gogue was arrested for deliberately setting the fire on April 9, 2022 to cover up his attempt at stealing tools. He was also arrested for other thefts in the area.

Residents who lived nearby the Home Depot remember that day.

“I mean it was a nightmare. It was a nightmare. A lot of us were out here, were crying and we thought we were going to lose our homes,” said San Jose resident Mary Morales.

Gogue was scheduled to enter a plea Wednesday but proceedings were continued after prosecutors had a time conflict with another case.

People affected by the fire are frustrated by the slow process.

San Jose resident Rick Garcia was inside the store at the time of the incident.

“I was literally at the back wall of the building, in the lumber section,” he said. “I made my way all the way to the front and by the time got to the front, the mount of smoke that was billowing out the front of the building was insane and how quickly it got out of control. You know, it’s amazing how fast a building that size could go up in flames.”

Gogue’s case will proceed as methodically as the cleanup and new construction. He is due back in court on Jun. 7.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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