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Suspect arrested for operating brothel in San Jose

Police arrested a man they say was running a brother out of a San Jose home.

Officers first received a tip in November that something suspicious was going on inside a home on 16th Street.

There were so many men waiting in cars parked on the street, neighbors said someone painted a red “no parking sign” to try to prevent people from blocking their driveway.

One person, who asked not to be identified, said a parade of men have been visiting the home for about a year.

“Constantly seeing men come as early as like 9 and 10 a.m. all the way up ‘til 2 a.m. and just every hour on the hour,” said the neighbor. 

Someone else said they see men in groups of three or four go into the house together and leave an hour later. Neighbors also said they saw many different women with luggage get picked up on the street at night.

“They would usually leave in an Uber or some women, I don’t know if they would take them for the day, so guys would come in really nice cars and would pick them up,” said a neighbor. 

On April 19, after an investigation that included the FBI, police arrested 53-year-old  Zhiquang Liu.

“During the search of the residence, detectives obtained evidence that was indicative of an operation of a commercial brothel. The suspect was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail for charges related to pimping and pandering,” Tanya Hernandez, of the San Jose Police Department, said. 

Police also seized about $1,000 cash.

They say they found two women, who they said are Liu’s victims, inside the house.

“During the search of the residence, detectives did locate and identify two adult female human trafficking survivors and they were provided with resources,” Hernandez said.

Police say they are still trying to determine if there are more suspects or victims.

Neighbors said while they are glad to learn of the arrest, they still fear for their safety because men are still coming to the home – day and night.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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