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Surrendered dogs at Pasadena Humane Society in need of a loving home

Waiting inside Pasadena Humane Society are surrendered, lost, and abandoned dogs who are in need of a second chance.

 “It’s hard for any dog to spend any time in any shelter,” Kevin McManus, Pasadena Humane Communications Manager, said. 

McManus is putting a spotlight on those who have been overlooked for months.

“It’s stressful, and the longer a dog is here the more stress they are exposed to unfortunately,” McManus said. 

Four adoptable companions are hoping for a new life, outside their concrete kennels, where they’ve been passed over time and time again.

Ace is a 7-year-old Pitbull mix who has been in the shelter for more than 8 months.

Ace was given up by his family that was growing in size and sadly they were unable to keep him.

“He’s very calm, likes to just relax and chill, sit on the couch with you, go for shortish walks, and just take naps in the sun,” McManus said. 

Frosty, a playful one and a half year old Husky Shepherd mix, has been at Pasadena Humane for more than three months.

Frosty was surrendered by his family who had too many animals in their home, and needed to give him away.

“High energy. You know he’s built to pull a sled, but he loves coming out into this yard and playing in the pool and he’s also really well trained,” McManus said. 

And then there’s 1-year-old Ronnie, a vibrant Australian Kelpie mix, who has been waiting nearly half a year to find a home.

Ronnie was brought in as a stray. He has had two failed adoptions with families not able to handle his bouncy personality.

“He’s a dog that will be fantastic like he could be a Hollywood superstar, if people put in the time and effort and know that going in,” McManus said.

And finally there is 5-year-old Poseidon, a gentle Pitbull mix, who has been at the shelter for four months.

Poseidon lost his family after they were hospitalized and unable to care for him.

“He’s just like a super chill. This is his favorite thing in the world, just hanging out getting scratches and chewing on his tennis ball,” McManus said. 

These longer stay residents are all waiting for their perfect match and an opportunity to find the family they deserve.

“We do a really great job of making sure they are physically and mentally engaged, we have a ton of volunteers who spend time with the dogs, doing everything from walks to time in the yard like this to reading, to just making sure they stay as sane as possible,” McManus said. 

Pasadena Humane’s dedicated staff is focused on the animals’ quality of stay while these pups hold on to hope in finding their fur-ever loving home. 

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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