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Summit focuses on addressing rising number of hate crimes in Bay Area and California

Hate crimes are on the rise in California and the Bay Area, according to state and federal statistics.

Law enforcement leaders in a summit held Tuesday in San Francisco said they are concerned there are actually more hate crimes committed because many people do not report when they are victimized. The summit, organized by the United States Department of Justice, brought together local, state and federal agencies to examine issues surrounding hate crimes in California.

Part of the summit discussed how to handle rising hate crimes in the region.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta said hate crimes have increased by 20% in the state, according to the latest figures reported in 2022.

But Bonta said the actual incidents are likely higher.

“Yeah, it’s under reported,” Bonta said. “There are many folks who are victims of hate crimes and experiencing that in silence.”

Part of that is because some people do not feel comfortable calling the police if they have endured a hate crime incident. And part is because not all agencies record and prosecute hate crimes the same, which is one of the messages by the organizers of the event — there is a hope that these agencies can cooperate.

There is also a hope to get more complete data and awareness of the situation.

Groups like Stop AAPI Hate and the NAACP also attended the summit. There is also a new hotline for hate crime victims, who can call 833-866-4283 to document the crime and receive support.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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