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Street Takeover in Anaheim Leaves Neighbors Upset, No Arrests Made

Residents in Orange County are upset after they were awakened by a street takeover in Anaheim that left behind a mess of tire marks. 

Police say they arrived at the scene just seven minutes after the first 911 call but by then, the group that had gathered at the intersection was gone.

 In the center of the intersection of Haster and Orangewood were the remnants of a night of joyriding. 

Semi circles and tire marks in complete 360’s were the result of drivers who took over the street for just a few minutes, police say.

“Maybe it’s because it’s easy for them to run when the police are coming. I think that’s the reason they choose this corner,” said Jorge Rodriguez, an Anaheim resident. 

Rodriguez says it’s the second time he’s been awakened in a matter of  weeks.

Drivers took over an intersection in Anaheim, making it impassable and, according to residents, dangerous. 

One man was so upset he brought out what appeared to be a machete. 

Police say no one reported an attack or a fight and there were no arrests.

“For us since they are these kinds of smaller groups, they get there, do their damage, they know that they’ve got two to three minutes to get out of dodge and they take off,” Sgt. Shane Carringer with the Anaheim Police Department said. 

But this midnight run left neighbors wondering if the group might come back. 

One woman said she looked out her window but was too afraid to go outside.

Police say they are trying to stay ahead of the vandalism knowing the drivers come in fast and leave the people who live nearby furious. 

No one was hurt in the street takeover and no accidents were reported. The city has an ordinance that makes it a misdemeanor if someone is caught just watching. 

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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