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State parks officials investigate shark attack on San Mateo County beach

State parks officials are investigating a shark attack that happened on the San Mateo coast this week. They believe it was likely a great white shark who was at least 10 feet long.

“We believe it was a great white shark. We haven’t recovered the kayak, so we weren’t able to take a look at the teeth marks so, everything makes us think it was a great white shark,” said Sgt. Stan Kopacz with the California Parks and Recreation.

Kopacz says the kayaker and another eyewitness say on Tuesday, something rammed his kayak as he was finishing near Bean Hollow State Beach.

The ranger was one of the first people to talk to the kayaker after he swam to shore fortunately unscathed.

A marine biologist told NBC Bay Area sharks are drawn to these waters this time of year because of increased seal and sea lion populations. She says sometimes sharks mistake the shadowy figures of kayaks for food.

A local fisherman, who helps shark researchers navigate these waters told NBC Bay Area’s Thom Jensen by phone it was the exact the same spot where a shark grabbed the tip of his kayak in 2017. Pat Conroy says he’s counted six such incidents in nearby waters over the past decade and every single time the kayaker came out unscathed.

The beach will remain closed for just a couple more days, barring any further incidents.

Thom Jensen has the full report in the video above.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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