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Stanford asks students to end overnight sit-in or face disciplinary action

There’s been a sit-in happening on Stanford’s campus for almost four months now in support of Palestine, and now students are saying the university has given them the deadline of Monday to end overnight camping, or face disciplinary action. 

The students who have been part of this sit-in essentially want the university to meet a series of their demands. The university is saying they can protest there, they just can’t camp there overnight. 

A few hundred people showed up at Stanford’s White Plaza Monday supporting students who have been part of this sit-in supporting Palestine for nearly four months. 

It started last Thursday when students say they received a letter from the university stating that overnight displays and camping would no longer be permitted after 8 p.m. 

That night, hundreds of people showed up at White Plaza in support of students participating in the sit-in.

Since then, students say they’ve been going back and forth with the administration. The most recent letter they received from the university was this Saturday, saying that if students do not comply with university policy or the fire marshal’s instructions to remove aspects of the sit-in by Monday at 8 p.m., names would be submitted to the office of community standards. 

“The university is threatening us with disciplinary action and that’s very scary as we are trying to stand up for what we believe in and participate in this national, international movement,” said Katie, Stanford student and sit-in participant. 

In a statement, the university said they support free expression of views on White Plaza, but that, “we also believe that overnight camping compromises the safety and wellbeing of members of our community and remains prohibited.”

Also there were those who support Israel. 

Those supporting Israel say they had tents set up as well. But one of the recent storms destroyed them and they haven’t put them back up.

They’re there because they want the university to enforce their policy. 

“They instead stayed here for the past four days, and the university did not enforce the policies,” said Kevin Feihelis, Stanford student in support of Israel. “Meanwhile, Jewish students adhere to policy because we didn’t want to get in trouble.”

The university also says representatives are talking with students and want to explore peaceful ways to resolve this.

NBC Bay Area asked for an interview but have not heard back.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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