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South Bay health leaders urge everyone get vaccinated as worry of COVID, flu and RSV begins

COVID-19 numbers are once again on the rise, just as the winter worries over the flu and RSV begins.

On Thursday, health officials in the South Bay renewed their public plea for everyone to get vaccinated.

“We encourage everyone to wash hands, stay home when you’re sick, and wear a masks in indoor crowded areas as well,” said Dr. Sarah Rudman, Santa Clara County deputy public health officer.

She said she just looked at the COVID levels in local wastewater and she didn’t like what she saw.

“What I see when I look at the data is the transmission of COVID right now, especially in the San Jose area, is very high,” she said. “That tells me, on average, when I’m indoor in a crowded place, I’m probably being exposed to COVID.”

The bottom line is, doctors are urging everyone six months and older to get the COVID and the flu vaccine soon, and they’re calling on parents to get the RSV vaccine for all infants.

While there are reports of a COVID vaccine shortage in some parts of the country, Rudman says that’s not the case here.

“We were fortunate to make sure we coordinated early orders and have received the majority of our supply,” she said. “But it’s different this year in different locations.”

But is the plea enough to get people to roll up their sleeves three years into the COVID crisis?

“I want to acknowledge the amount of vaccine fatigue all of you must be feeling right now. And I’m here to tell you the truth about them. And the truth is, they work. They do the job it’s meant to do. They prevent severe infections, which can lead to hospitalizations,” said Dr. Vidya Mony, infectious disease pediatrician. 

Anyone looking for the vaccine is urged to call their doctors or pharmacies

Anyone without insurance should visit and look up the new bridge access program for locations where the vaccine can be obtained for free.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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