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Some East Bay Residents Enjoy Another Day of Snow, Others Are Over the Wild Weather

Bay Area residents faced another wet and windy day Tuesday and a split is begging to form.

Some are growing weary of the wild weather, while others say “keep it coming.”

“The snow started Thursday night, Friday morning at that point we got quite an accumulation overnight,” said supervising park peace officer Cameron Morrison.

He’s been working at Mount Diablo since 2001 and he said he’s never seen that much snow on the mountain. A total of 16 to 18 inches have come down so far.

“A lot of pictures have been taken. A lot of people have a great time and made a lot of great memories,” said Morrison.

The Summit is closed to traffic but Ben Hromyk and his son Samuel made the 2-mile trek on foot.They say every bit was worth it. 

“I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it. I love inclement weather in general so seeing something like this is definitely a lifetime of memories,” said Samuel Hromyk.

Others hiked up with their snowboards, they say they definitely got some good turns in. 

“Man, we just had to take the chance and come out and see how it was and it was worth it for sure,” said Simeon Kirov.

“It’s crazy, I’ve never seen it like this. I remember when I was a little kid, coming up here it was just a little bit of ice right at the peak,” said Adrian Todorov. “This is just crazy to me.”

The rest of Contra Costa County saw more rain Tuesday, slick conditions meant spin outs and fender benders. A giant rain filled pothole on Interstate 680 caused a nightmare for drivers as about a dozen cars ended up with flat tires. 

“I was just following the guy in front of me and boom … I hit a pothole, I was the second person and then I pulled over with a flat about an hour ago and cars just keep coming in with flats, same thing,” said a driver.

Folks are taking the bad with the good as winter continues to deliver surprises.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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