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Shocking Ring Video Shows Suspected Dog Abuse in Orange County

Editor’s Note: The video is disturbing.

A video that is disturbing to watch has residents in an Anaheim apartment complex concerned over what appears to be animal cruelty.

The Ring video shows the dog still wearing a leash as if it’s going outside. A man corners him, chases after him, slugs him once, then kicks the dog before dragging him by the leash down the hall. He can be seen kicking the dog two more times.

Anaheim police say they were tagged dozens of times on social media which brought it to their attention. In this case they say they had to confirm the evidence before anyone had even reported a crime.

“It’s really disturbing to see. I could not watch the whole thing without crying. To know somebody like that is around here where we have our family really upsetting,” resident Kelly Martinez said.

Kelly Martinez lives in the Gateway Apartments where the Thursday night incident took place. She says the video was making the rounds among the dog owners who live there.

Police say their initial investigation leads them to believe the man may have been dog sitting. He could face misdemeanor or felony animal abuse charges whether he owns the dog or not.

“As far as the charges he’d be facing, does not matter,” Sgt. Shane Carringer said.

A couple also lives in the complex and says their dog, Nugget, is like their son; a member of the family. After seeing the video they had a hard time comprehending the man’s actions.

“It’s terrible. I don’t know why anyone would treat a dog like that. I love mine I would never kick him, beat him. It’s atrocious, honestly,” resident Collin Pfaff said.

“Hopefully he gets reprimanded or there some kind of consequence,” said resident Murielle Canoy.

Police say they are working with OC Animal Care. In a statement the agency told NBCLA they are aware of the potential animal cruelty but consider this an open investigation for now.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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