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‘She Was a Good Girl': Father of 10-Year-Old Killed in Oakland Speaks Out

Federico Lorenzo, of Guatemala, is mourning the loss of his 10-year-old daughter who he claims was killed inside an Oakland apartment by her mother.

The man identified the girl as Sofía Lorenzo, and her mother as Rosa, a woman originally from Michoacán, Mexico.

“Rosa spoke to her sister in Sacramento, told her that she had killed Sofía,” said Federico. “She also said goodbye because she wanted to kill herself. Which didn’t turn out the way she wanted because as far as I know, she’s getting better.”

Federico said that his daughter’s mother had no history of being violent with her and doesn’t understand how something like this could happen.

“I don’t understand why she did this, I can’t figure out how she killed her own daughter,” he said.

He said that the last time he saw Sofía was on Mother’s Day and that he noticed odd behavior. “She didn’t want to come home, she didn’t feel like playing, or even talking,” said Federico. 

He said he feels this is all a nightmare he wishes he could wake up from and said the little girl was everything to him.

“She was a good girl, very social, very playful,” said Federico. 

Sofia had just turned 10 and according to her father, she loved school and talked about buying a big house for her family one day. 

Federico and Rosa were already separated and he said he wants her to pay for what she allegedly did.

“I am going to make sure she rots in prison,” he said. “She doesn’t deserve forgiveness from God for what she did.”

The police confirmed that the person involved in this case is in stable condition at the hospital, but they have not provided further details.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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