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‘She is like a superhero to us:' Vice Mayor Cindy Allen helps save Long Beach Pride

As the pride flag was raised over Long Beach city hall celebrating the start of pride season, organizers say the parade and event might not have happened if not for the help of one woman. 

“She is like a superhero to us,” said Tonya Martin, President of Long Beach Pride. “After Covid and the loss of our founder Bob Crow, we went to the city and asked them for help.”

The first person they went to was Allen, whose district traditionally hosts the pride parade.

“They came to my office and I said you guys listen, no matter what, we have to make this happen,” said Allen. “This is too important of an event in the City of Long Beach for us not to put all of our resources to make sure that this happens.”

Allen gave $50,000 from her district funds and helped convince the city to pay another $80,000 to help fund the festival.

“It’s really important to me as a mother of a queer child and as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community that this happen,” said Allen.

The Long Beach Pride non-profit president said that the city’s help this year is allowing them to get back on their feet.

“We are moving forward and doing the best we can to keep it thriving,” said Martin.

NBC4 and Telemundo 52 are proud sponsors of the parade this year and Annabelle Sedano and Enrique Chiabra will serve as media grand marshals.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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