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SF Teacher Waiting Weeks for Paycheck Starts Online Funding Campaign

A San Francisco Unified School District teacher says he’s been working since mid-August and hasn’t seen a paycheck yet. He’s now hoping an online funding site will help him pay for supplies for his classroom.

The teacher, who didn’t want to be identified or say which school he works for, said he’s not the only teacher waiting for their first check.

“I did have a little savings account,” the teacher said. “That is completely dry now. I rammed through everything that I had saved working from my previous jobs.”

With each day, the bills continue to pile up, including the money he’s spent to buy school supplies for his classroom, like markers and binder paper.

He’s since started a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of those supplies and to keep a roof over his head.

“I was looking at my bank account and I realized that if I was not paid by the end of this month, I straight up just could not meet my financial obligations,” he said. “I couldn’t pay housing costs. I couldn’t pay for food.”

Payroll issues are nothing new for San Francisco Unified. Back in March, teachers staged a sit-in after waiting two months to get paid.

Back then, the district blamed a new payroll system. Now, it’s doing the same thing.

In a statement, the district said it is “committed to and has been actively addressing issues related to payroll including technical and process issues, resolving individual employee cases, and putting in place systems to provide greater clarity and information to our employees.”

The district didn’t say how many teachers are missing checks, but it said it’s allocating additional resources to respond to payroll issues.

“I just felt really powerless,” the teacher said. “I felt like there’s no where else I could turn. It has been really stressful as well.”

The district said it wants to get checks to teachers as soon as possible, but it did not provide a date.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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